Smart Farming

Category: Smart Farming

Location: MAEPS, Serdang

Duration: 3 Months

Fees: RM 700


A period of transformation is about to begin in the world economy and mankind as we are heading towards one of the most profound periods in human history.

In a world which is undergoing unprecedented challenges such as global population growth and climate change, the Agriculture Industry is on the verge of undergoing a major transformation through the implementation of Agriculture Revolution (AR) 4.0 in order to secure food security for the global population in an environmentally sustainable manner.


  • Understand the Agriculture Industry and the vital role it plays in Society
  • Explore the Challenges of the Agriculture Industry​
  • Discover the Opportunities for Innovation in the Agriculture Industry
  • Explore AR 4.0 and the  Environment​
  • Discover Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), the benefits and the drawbacks of CPS​
  • Explore the Impact of AR 4.0 on the Agriculture Industry​
  • Discover the Barriers for Implementing AR 4.0


The purpose of the Academy’s establishment is to build talents for the future of agriculture industry that have not only knowledge and important skills in agriculture, but also technical and technology capabilities to drive the nation’s transformation towards AR 4.0 in Malaysia, in line with Malaysia’s Dasar Agromakanan Negara 2.0.